Hey, I am Erhan from Hamburg, Germany. I am a Software Engineer at Adobe Systems and here on my blog, I am mostly writing about Software Development. Apart from writing blogs and code in Java, Ruby, Go, LISP and Haskell (formerly C, C++, Pascal and Python), I am also interseted in Physics and Mathematics what I chat about in my small talks.

Recent Posts

Posted on 2017 April by Erhan, in Data Science, R, Statistics
Some useful practical R examples with Pipes in dplyr
Posted on 2016 October by Erhan, in Random
Some random thoughts about business guys vs. tech enthusiasts. A story about conflict of interest.
Posted on 2016 January by Erhan, in Mesos, Infrastructure
Introduction to Mesos concepts.
Posted on 2015, 25. July by Erhan, in Scala, Functional Programming
The lift function in Scala explained.
Posted on 2015 12. July by Erhan, in Scala, Functional Programming
What is a Monad? How to use flatMap() to build monadic types?
Posted on 2015 Februry by Erhan, in Scala, Functional Programming
Introduction to companion objects in Scala and how to initiate instances without new keyword.

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